We provide a cheaper alternative to traditional auto title lending by working directly with auto repair shops.

Our programs directly benefit not only the borrower, but the repair shop as well. The low rates allow for our customers to afford the repairs on their car without the crushing debt of a traditional auto title loan.

Auto repair shops stand to gain from our financing as well! Shops can greatly increase their profitability by not having to turn away customers that are low on cash.

An Auto Repair Loan is simply a cash loan using your car title as collateral. Title loans are a fast and easy solution for short term cash loan needs.

As one of the top lenders of title loans in Arizona, we understand the value of your time. Our loan application process is simple, fast and you can even get pre-approved over the phone or online! Simply gather the following documents and give us a call.

The value of your car is all you need to get a loan:
blue check markNO CREDIT CHECK!
blue check markNO PROOF OF INCOME!
blue check markIT IS THAT EASY!

  • Why not get started right now?

    Click apply today to get your auto title loan started and get your cash fast!

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